Erica Wesseling is an artist born and living in the Netherlands, but  with a  temporary 16 year history in the U.S.A., the UK and Asia.
She  moves  freely between various media, such as collages, gouaches, reliefs, painted assemblages using  a variety of materials and working intuitively.
The underlying source of inspiration in her work  is the complex interrelationship between humans, animals, nature and landscape.
Her work exudes an inherent energy through use of lucid colour, line and geometry contrasted with natural forms.
At the same time she strives for a lighthearted and poetic aura.
An expedient in this is her use of found, humble remnants of nature or building construction and the  art principle of Chance.
All this results in slightly surrealistic objects with a poetic guise.

Excerpt from an art review of Wim van der Beek in the newspaper of Zwolle, Netherlands (exhibition in Gallery Delfi, Zwolle):
 ...  her work bears a close relationship to the ritual creations of primitive cultures. The unprentious objects have  a voodoo-like tension.
Not only the choice of materials reminds us of primitive cultures; also the fragile forms and the painted surfaces (often quite colourful) have a ritual power.